100 Story Building Book Launch

Over the years, 100 Story Building’s relationship with Social Venture Partners Melbourne has grown from that of two new mates excited to be hanging out together … to one where we’ve become the house guest that’s taken up residence on the couch …. and refuses to leave!

As the first ever organisation that SVP supported, 100 Story Building has grown up over many years under the watchful eye of this impressive collective of change-makers, keen to lift outcomes and opportunities for children and young people.

SVP supported my predecessor and our co-founder, Lach Carter, to take the organisation from a small-but-mighty start-up to a professional social enterprise that works with thousands of children each year. 

When I joined as CEO last year, the SVP team made me feel welcome, supported and connected into a community keen to see us and me succeed in 100 Story Building’s vision.

When we hit tough times post-pandemic lockdowns earlier this year, SVP banded together to provide business support, mentoring and a supportive ear. 

Paul Higgins worked with us to launch a new consultancy arm of the organisation, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve just completed the first project under this banner to amplify the voices of children within local Council policies and programs.

Paul, Mel Granville, David Legge, Tony Morgan, Susanne, Rob, Mark – your support this year has been invaluable and enabled us to strengthen, grow, and continue to provide important learning programs in communities when they’ve needed them most.

Thanks for sticking with us all these years, and letting us crash on the SVP couch semi-permanently! And happy holidays to you all. 

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