Our Mission

SVP Melbourne cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens not for profit organisations, and influences grant makers and social investors

Building powerful relationships in Victoria to tackle our communities’ social challenges

Why we are different?

At SVP Melbourne our mission is to have impact in two key areas:

1. Strengthening Victorian Not for Profits through capacity building- leveraging the talent of our partners, bringing financial and in kind support to our investees.

2. Community Impact – influence the grant makers and not for profit organisations to realise the impact that human and intellectual capital, as well as financial support can have in achieving better outcomes.

Importantly, our partners gain a rich sense of achievement through being part of a community with shared purpose, discovering new networks, and learning how to engage in philanthropy effectively.

Our focus areas

At SVP Melbourne we support the growth and development of Victorian organisations that help disadvantaged people to learn, grow, and succeed in both work and life. Many of these organisations are also social enterprises, but not being one is not a limitation to us investing.

We look for Founders and/or management teams who would benefit from the time and skills that SVP Melbourne offers, and most importantly are open to learning, evolving and truly partnering with us.
We also want organisations which are looking to scale their impact on Victorian society.

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