Applying engaged philanthropy to 100 Story Building: some reflections

After our Partners voted overwhelmingly for 100 Story Building to be SVP Melbourne’s first investee in October 2014, it was up to Lead Partners, Paul Higgins and Susan Keyes Pearce, to work out how to put SVP’s engaged philanthropy model to practice. Not an easy task for the first investment for our fledging organisation! Setting up a formal structure for engagement helped, with a working committee comprising Paul, Susan, Lachlann Carter (100 SB CEO) and Pam MacIntyre (100 SB Director). This has functioned extremely well with a relationship that is warm, open and frank. Both Paul and Susan have found their experience as Lead Partners rewarding and a wonderful learning experience. As Paul put it “being involved in working with an organisation so closely provides as much value for the Lead Partner as for the organisation”.

What SVP Melbourne has achieved with 100 SB since October 2014:

  • $35K grant from The Social Venture Partners Australia Fund has contributed to the appointment of a Program Facilitator, freeing the CEO up to spend more time developing their consulting business model.
  • One on one coaching and advice to the CEO on consulting business models and pricing structures, new ventures and new client sectors.
  • Development of strategic selling approach for the consulting business.
  • Board and staff governance and capacity building coaching and advice on an ongoing basis.
  • Facilitation of a governance workshop for the Board including advice on outcomes and strategic planning.
  • Board renewal process advice.
  • Celebration of Social Inclusion Week with 100 SB at their premises in Footscray. Lachlann speaking at SVP Education Forum – Creating Lasting Change.

Approximately 150 professional consulting and advisory hours have been provided to 100 SB to date through the involvement of at least seven SVP Melbourne Partners.  We value this conservatively at $60K. For the Partners who have been involved with 100 SB it has been an enriching, rewarding and satisfying experience. We all look forward to the remaining two years of engagement with 100 SB.

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