Community Impact Committee Update

  1. Meetings: After many years of inspired leadership and direction, Wayne Saunders has passed the baton of Chair of the CIC to Rob Heselev. Thanks Wayne for your guidance and pragmatism. Wayne’s agreed to make himself available as a “consultant” to the CIC and I’m sure we’ll take him up on the offer.
  2. Investee Opportunities:
    1. Ocean Mind: We have been working with Ocean Mind for the past 15 months. The CIC has recommended to the board that we sponsor the organisation.
    2. Boys to the Bush: Wayne and Rob met with Adam and Fran from Boys to the Bush in April. They are a fabulous organisation engaging young people at risk back into their communities. Their Board is completing the OCAT and our Theory of Change documents which will help us all decide what SVPM can do to serve them best.
    3. Other organisations: We have introductions in progress with a number of other organisations ranging from arts/theatre organisations to respite support organisations. They are all worthy of our consideration and details will be available as soon as this lockdown is over!
  1. Future Investees: We met with Sandy Shaw, CEO Newsboys, about formalising the flow of potential Investees from them – Sandy is very supportive of our work and we now have that formal process in place. We have had or are about to have similar conversations with our contacts from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and the Brockhoff Foundation – with a view to explaining our new engagement model and raising their awareness of our offering.

Despite a difficult 2020 and now a subsequent LockDown(4), we’re building a pipeline of potential investees whose needs range from financial, strategic and execution advisory services. I look forward to working with the energetic and committed team that is the CIC in 2021 and beyond.


Rob Heselev.

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