Good Cycles

Cory Boardman (Product and Membership Manager),Tony Morgan (SVPM), Liam Crowley (General Manager), Leah Rushford (Communications), Donovan (Lead Trainer), Kelly Latham (Street Operations Manager)

Good Cycles Update

Tony Morgan has been assisting Liam and the team with the project management of their various moves.

Almost all their operations are moving premises over the next month, which includes:

  • Retail, Programs and Admin Office moving from 750 Collins street to Goldsborough Lane which is the new CBD location
  • Docklands Hub to take over Docklands representation with full opening hours
  • Blue bike maintenance, car washing and Melbourne City Services contracting moving from Kensington to North Melbourne (City Services Premises)
  • Geelong representation continuing as normal

Tony has been helping with the practical project management piece and has introduced some agile project management techniques/tools they can use for future projects and management. He is also continuing with the Outcome Evaluation to better measure GC’s social impact and help guide Good Cycle’s strategic direction, particularly as there is a significant amount of business development being undertaken.





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