Good Cycles – Social Enterprise Hub

SVP have been on the journey with Good Cycles since 2015 and have seen the enterprise evolve into a diverse range of businesses which offer employment pathways to young people facing barriers to work. One of the latest initiatives is the establishment of Melbourne’s first ever Social Enterprise Hub, located under the Flinders Street viaduct opposite the Immigration Museum. This is a innovative concept which will see a complementary group of social enterprises come together to create jobs in the heart of the Melbourne central business district.  

When the approval came through from City of Melbourne in early 2020 to established the Social Enterprise Hub, Good Cycles CEO, Jaison Hoernel recognised that this was a complex project requiring a range of disciplines and significant financial support.  The project team includes Good Cycles team members covering commercial, operational programs and marketing dimensions. A project manager, Aisha Nicolay, was recruited to bring together the expertise required to design and build the Hub. SVP has been part of the project from inception, with Tony Morgan supporting team members and the project manager. This has included assisting team members with risks and issues management and scheduling, peer reviewing project documents and program design. Tony has also had the privilege of joining the Hub Design group, seeing how the various experts work through the challenges that are thrown up by what is a very unique site.  SVP partner, David Legge, joined the Good Cycles panel to assist in reviewing the expressions of interest from potential operating partners in the Hub. The selected Hub Partners are Community GrocerSENVICDragonfly Collective and Moral Fairground. Good Cycles will be occupying two spaces with a retail bicycle outlet and Asset Maintenance services.

There are many professionals and service providers contributing pro bono or lo bono support and the project has successfully raised funds from philanthropic and government sources to contribute to estimated capital expenditure costs. Good Cycles are planning further funding initiatives to cover the operating expense while the Hub operations get established.

This Hub Project is at a very exciting stage as detailed design is locked down for fabrication to commence and application is made to Metro Trains Melbourne to provide site access approval, and branding and communication is finalised.

SVP looks forward to supporting the project through to the Hub’s launch in November/December this year.


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