Ian Adair

I have been an SVP partner in SVP Melbourne for about 5 years. I was invited to join by an ex work colleague after we moved back to Melbourne. At the time I was thinking about what else I could do with my life (I was working way less than “full time” as an Executive Coach at that time). The fit seemed pretty good so I gave it a shot.
I had zero experience with the NFP world, apart from donations and hands length funding.
I became involved in several NFP organisations, including Hundred Story Building, Youthworkz and the I-can Network. I was also asked to join the recruitment committee at SVP, and later became a Director of SVP Melbourne.
I was always amazed at the reaction when working with NFP staff members – I felt I had little to offer as I was not an experienced person in the philanthropic space, but they always seems so grateful of assistance and support – even more than the funding element. Each of these organisations have gone from strength to strength, which is just great to see!
For me, the best part (and the least expected part) of SVP has been the people of SVP – diverse backgrounds, all ages and a wide variety of experience makes for a very interesting mix! The commonality is a desire to make a difference – not just with money but with the leverage of our combined skills.
Right now I am living in new York, but still an active member and plan to get even more engaged when we return to Melbourne.

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