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We collaborate together and donate our money and volunteer our professional skills, to support not for profit organisations that are working with disengaged youth.

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We are looking for professional volunteers who want to make a difference to disadvantaged youth in Australia. Have you had a thriving career – running your own start-up, an executive,  or working in a larger organisation – and you now have the time and money to make a social impact? We are looking for people who can grow the capability of not for profits who are helping disadvantaged youth across a range of areas: strategy, leadership, marketing, human resources, sales, finance, technology, fundraising and operations.


You will be a skilled coach or professional business consultant who can work with early stage organisations and founders who are passionate about their cause. Perhaps you are transitioning careers and are looking at how you can give back to society? Or you are looking at a way to move to a not for profit board and want some meaningful experience in the sector? 


With more than 2,700 members from Boston to Bangalore, Social Venture Partners Melbourne is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. Our focus is supporting vibrant social enterprises that have a clear mission and a drive to bring about real impact and change. We leverage our global network of not for profits and philanthropic business leaders to develop long term solutions and drive systemic change.


Social Venture Partners Melbourne is all about maximising the potential of Australia’s not for profit innovators to create the biggest social impact. One of the biggest challenges in the sector is helping organisations with great causes build out the capability they need to grow. We collectively pool and donate our funds, as well as consult, coach, and mentor across a range of organisational functions. At times, we even sit on their Boards.

We are looking for experienced, professional and community minded people who are ready to make a difference.

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