Retirement Volunteering

Are you thinking about retirement or have retired? Do you want to give back and volunteer within your community but don't know how to add real value, as well as contribute funds?

At SVP Melbourne, we don’t just donate our funds to organisations we support, we also get involved and help them build capacity to achieve their long term mission and objectives. We provide professional volunteering, working collectively to support organisations we believe can have a significant impact on society if given the chance and support they need to grow.  

We are a diverse group of people who bond and network together over our passion and vision about venture philanthropy and having an impact in the not for profit sector.  We are unique in our philanthropy as we are the only organisation that donates our time, funds and volunteers professional skills  for building capacity in the organisations we support.    

To have a greater impact, we need to grow.  We need more people, who are semi-retired or retired, looking for an organisation that values the experience gained throughout their career.  You can offer as much time as you have available to contribute and know that your experience and knowledge can be used for a greater purpose, whilst keeping you actively engaged.  

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