Live4Life – a note by Bernard, CEO Live4Life.

SVP’s support and guidance of Live4Life over the last 21 months has been incredibly valuable – thank you. 

When I first met Wayne (SVPM Partner) back in February 2018 Youth Live4Life was an incorporated body with one part-time (.6EFT) project manager and trailing the Live4Life model in two pilot communities. We had not secured funding for the second year of implementation in these two communities but we had a vision. Since then we have transitioned to a company limited by guarantee, established a range of committees to support the Board and the executive, undertaken two rigorous independent evaluations of the model, implemented a CRM system and completed our business plan to scale amongst other things and you have been a significant part of this.

It’s inspiring to be working with people, young and old, in rural communities that want to make change. It is through grass-roots and community-led activism that real, lasting change occurs. It does not come from the top down. We are on an important journey, and I am very privileged to be on this journey with you. Two years ago you took a leap of faith and backed us. 

Two years ago you took a leap of faith and backed us. We have more work to do together and Paula and I are working on a date for late January, early February for us to be able to have another Board/SVP workshop to set our agenda for 2021. 

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