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Gather My Crew provides free, purpose-built technology to help coordinate and roster practical support for Australians doing it tough.

Established in 2016 by its CEO, Dr Susan Palmer, Gather My Crew rapidly achieved significant community presence and outcomes. At a crossroad in their development, they sought an external perspective on their thinking about their future direction and critical success factors. Engaging with SVPM in late 2018, they completed SVPM’s structured and facilitated organisational self-assessment to help identify the limits to their further development and the enablers of increased impact and organisational sustainability. The resulting insights helped them gain a critical perspective on their existing capabilities and capacities from which they were able to determine the operational infrastructure and expertise they needed in future and the steps necessary to acquire them. 

Gather My Crew valued its engagement with SVPM, not only because of the strategic insights they gained, but also because of their supportive working relationship. As Susan observed, SVPM provided, in the months that followed the assessment, a level of support and reassurance to her that contributed towards Gather My Crew’s successful navigation of a challenging year. In Susan’s words, “SVPM played an important role in making me feel like I had people in my corner”.

With significant change now largely behind them, Gather My Crew is going from strength to strength. They have received a number of new grants, have launched their new volunteer coordination platform, are in the concept-development phase of a large community mobilisation project and have grown their team numbers. SVPM continues to support Gather My Crew when required. For more information about Gather My Crew, visit or contact Dr Susan Palmer on

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