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Good Cycles is a social enterprise, with all revenue from our commercial activities including our bike shop, servicing centre and bike share operations going towards our social programs. Our vision is an Australia focused on advancing equality, health and sustainability through bikes and cycling. We use bikes as a vehicle to create meaningful and lasting opportunities for people and communities in need. We are dedicated to addressing some of the key issues that impact the lives of young people in Australia: unemployment, mental health and lack of regular exercise. As a social enterprise, we use all of our commercial revenue to maintain our existing programs, increase our scope and capacity and support our social program participants. We provide immediate employment opportunities to those participating in our programs while establishing long-term employment outcomes through our extensive industry networks. 

Social Venture Partners Melbourne Team – Mark Jankelson, Tony Morgan, Wayne Saunders

Why did they need our help? The key areas of Social Venture Partners Melbourne assistance for Good Cycles over the year has been to strengthen their policies and procedures, further develop their social impact strategy and evaluation, and provide project management assistance for the relocation of their operations. 

How we assisted

Policies and procedures – Social Venture Partners Melbourne managed a project to review the policies and procedures within Good Cycles based on the Institute of Community Directors Policy Bank. The relevant policies were developed and prioritised and the suite of HR policies and procedures were given priority and further developed by a human resources specialist engaged by Good Cycles.

Impact evaluation approach – We played a support role in this project to assist Liam Crowley (GM) and Michael Marshall (Project Manager) to bring together an outcome measurement and capability framework. This drew on previous work undertaken to develop Good Cycle’s theory of change and readiness for impact investment.

Relocation of Good Cycles operations – We provided hands on project management using agile project management tools to assist in a complex set of premises moves. This involved moving many of the Good Cycles operations in a short timeframe. It included the retail business, administration office, Blue bike maintenance, car share, and Melbourne City Services. 

The impact

Policies and procedures – Good Cycles policies and procedures now have greater transparency and the human resources policies have gone on to be fully developed. Other policies have been prioritised and can be further developed as needed.

Impact evaluation approach – Significant progress was made on developing a framework to determine the indicators used to measure, evaluate and communicate the social impact of Good Cycles. This work is now being picked up as part of the Social Impact review, currently being undertaken.

What’s next?

Social Impact Review – As an extension to the Impact evaluation approach, a further initiative has been commenced to review the supported employment programs and transitional employment operating models. Social Venture Partners Melbourne is now working with Kate Naish (Manager Employment Programs) to review each part of the participant experience including the sourcing of participants, program design and delivery and the employment pathways.

“Good Cycles has been fortunate to have worked with SVPM since 2016.    Over that time, key areas of support included developing and integrating our impact measurement frameworks as well as the expertise to strengthen our capabilities framework resulting in the stable employment of over 125 young people” Jaison Hoernel

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