Our Work

We support vibrant not for profit organisations that have a clear mission and a drive to bring about real social change.

We look for the innovators, the ideas incubators, the risk takers – those with the greatest potential to have the biggest impact.

Our goal is to help develop NFP organisations to have a more sustainable and greater impact on society.

To achieve that goal, we invest our time, professional skills and (in some cases) financial support in selected NFPs. We offer those organisations the following;

Social Venture Partners Melbourne provides access to professional skills and knowledge that our NFP partner organisations wouldn’t otherwise have available to them. We offer skills across multiple areas, including: building partnerships, finance, talent management, strategy and planning, marketing, business development, business models and pricing, governance, fundraising, board management and executive coaching.

Each organisation is appointed a lead partner (our word for the person that works closely with the organisation). The lead partner works with the selected organisation’s management team and the board to decide how SVP Melbourne will collaborate with the organisation. This includes matching the right skills from our group of partners with the needs of the organisation, to build capacity.

A select number of the organisations we invest in receive some financial support directly. We also partner with other philanthropic organisations who can provide additional funding.

We are selective in who we invest in to ensure that we maximise our impact with those chosen. They are all:

  • Not for profit organisations that work with disadvantaged and marginalised youth.
  • Many of these organisations are also social enterprises, but not being one is not a limitation to us investing.
  • Organisations that are looking to scale  their impact on society.

We offer advice and assistance, but our model is by influence not control, which is why the organisations we invest in stay connected with us even after any formal investment has come to an end.

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