Our Process

Our goal is for our chosen Not For Profits to have greater impact in society

We take the choice of who we collaborate with seriously.

In order to find organisations that are a mutual match we have created the following process through our Investment Committee (IC):

  1.  Review a list of potential Not For Profit (NFP) Organisations aligned with our focus (NFP’s working with disadvantaged and marginalised youth).  These can come through enquiries online, from our partners, and from other foundations we work closely with.
  2. The IC assess the nominations and after speaking with the NFP, they are invited to submit a ‘Letter of Interest’ and a 4 page application.
  3. The IC review the applications, develop a shortlist and invite each on the shortlist to discuss their application with us, face to face.  From there a full proposal is requested, providing more detail including financials, building on the ‘Letter of Interest’.
  4. The IC re-assess the proposals and further shortlist as appropriate. 
  5. We then request the applicant to complete our own Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT). This is a process we undertake with them for discussion and review.
  6. We may request the potential NFP to present to the SVPM partners, before making a final recommendation from the IC to the SVP Melbourne Board.

The assessment from the Investment Commitee looks specifically for several characteristics:

  1. We look for organisations that are looking to grow but aren’t clear how to do this or don’t have the resources.
  2. Organisations that are seeking opportunities to develop sustainability, for example through a social enterprise strategy.
  3. Organisations that have an element of risk to their mission. We don’t look for a safe house.
  4. We are confident the organisation is prepared to share and work with us.

The OCAT tool allows us to review the organisation in the following ways:

  1. Assess the organisation’s capacities and gaps.
  2. Assess the organisation’s programs and outcomes (we use a Theory of Change framework).
  3. Facilitate the organisation to identify their current state vs desired state and any potential gaps.

We try to make the process as painless as possible as we know this ‘rigour’ has resulted in successful relationships and respect between us and our NFP Investees. 

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