Sriram Nemalikanti

Sriram Nemalikanti (Sri) is a senior Information Management Professional with a successful track record of leading and establishing Data Management and Data analytics practices across Aviation, Higher Education, Utilities and Retail Industries. Sri is a certified Lean Six Sigma professional and has recently completed his MBA from La Trobe University. Sri is passionate about resource …

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Susanne Grosser

Susanne Grosser

Susanne is a successful entrepreneur.   She was the founder and managing director of Seagull Pewterers & Silversmith and the owner and managing director of International Trade Mart (ITM).  As the owner of both businesses, Susanne became one of Australia’s best-known up-market giftware and jewellery distributors. Susanne holds a master’s degree in Business and Commerce and volunteers extensively in …

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Bernard Galbally

Bernard Galbally is CEO of Live for Life and a Director of Mana Music Australia Pty Ltd, a music supervision and catalogue management company.  He was a founding partner and Director of Native Tongue Music Publishing, Australia’s fastest growing music publishing house with offices around the world and represent song writers as diverse as Lorde, Courtney Barnet …

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Johanne Sergeant

Joh joined SVPM as she wanted to do something about issues she’s passionate in the not for profit sector.  Joh is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals, and as a Sales Leader at Oracle, she is able to do this to mentor and assist others.  Joh is passionate about the STEM industry and …

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Stuart Grenville

Stuart joined SVPM as he believes everybody should give back to the community in which they live and he believes in SVPM’s model. He enjoys the fact that he is part of a Melbourne organisation that has global roots, but can be involved in grassroots not for profit organisations in Melbourne, whilst networking with a …

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Paula Giles

SVP Melbourne is part of a global network of committed individuals who are seeking to contribute to and improve their local community.  Through SVP I have been able to meet other like minded people, to apply my skills and experience in practical ways to build and extend social enterprises that benefit others. My participation through SVP …

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Melissa Grenville

Melissa is a highly experienced not-for-profit and business consultant who has worked in both the corporate and not for profit sectors. Melissa’s career commenced with various sales and brand marketing roles for companies including Coca Cola and Diageo, before moving into the not-for-profit sector – initially with UNICEF in London. She has since worked for …

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Tony Morgan

Why Tony joined SVP Melbourne.  I was looking for organisations where I could volunteer my skills and experience, having decided to move to a more flexible lifestyle where I could spend more time pursuing my broader interests. My coach from Directioneering made me aware of the social venture world and introduced me to Mark Jenkelson. …

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Oliver Lovell

Oliver Lovell is an educator, researcher, and entrepreneur, with passion for helping individuals and organisations to gain the knowledge, self-knowledge, and resources to define and achieve their dreams. Ollie is currently a learning specialist in a public school in the West of Melbourne, the host of the Education Research Reading Room podcast, and the co-founder …

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Rob Heselev

  Rob is a senior IT professional with a demonstrated track record of success in Digital Strategic Planning, Innovation, Executive Coaching, Professional Services Management, Technical Pre-Sales Consulting and Project Management in large and small organisations, global and local.   As an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs, he worked extensively with CIOs and senior IT …

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