Kim Visek-Johnson

Kim Visek-Johnson joined SVP Melbourne as she was looking to help another not for profit organisation, when she came across SVP Melbourne and liked the idea of giving more than just money.  It’s a proven model overseas.  When I volunteer with one of our partner investees, I like the concept of an organisation learning to be self sufficient.  Whether that be through providing expertise and advise about governance and financial issues to mentoring, or just being there as a sounding board. I like that our dollars is not what matters, it helps, but the organisations we work with get much more out of our help and contacts than just a financial contribution.

Kim has had 30 years of experience in the insurance, superannuation and investment management industry at both retail and wholesale levels and as both a participant in and consultant to the industry.  She has managed superannuation boards and her governance experience has more recently broadened to the not-for-profit sector where she held a number of positions on a local Bendigo Bank Board and the GordonCare Board as it transitioned to the ten20 foundation. She currently holds a position on a private school Board. Kim was appointed a director of the Boards of Social Venture Partners Melbourne Limited and the trustee company for The Social Venture Partners Australia Fund in November 2015.

Kim has just learnt to ride a bike (2018) and now loves touring the wineries in Victoria by bike.

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