Oliver Lovell

Oliver Lovell is an educator, researcher, and entrepreneur, with passion for helping individuals and organisations to gain the knowledge, self-knowledge, and resources to define and achieve their dreams. Ollie is currently a learning specialist in a public school in the West of Melbourne, the host of the Education Research Reading Room podcast, and the co-founder of the learning software start-up Dendro.

To date, Ollie has enjoyed contributing to the education and innovation space in a variety of ways. He has been a board member for the Australian College of Educators and The Mathematical Association of Victoria. He regularly presents at conferences and universities on education, and has acted as consultant for a number of education start-ups such as Edrolo and Studyclix. Currently, Ollie is playing the role of practitioner consultant to the Q Project, a five year partnership between the Paul Ramsay Foundation and Monash University that seeks to explore they why and how of quality evidence use in Education.

Looking forward, Ollie is becoming increasingly interested in the role of implementation science to increase the impact of promising evidence-based approaches in education and other sectors. At present, he is also writing a book on Cognitive Load Theory for John Catt Educational, and another on understanding ‘what works’ in education, for SAGE Publications.

Ollie relishes the opportunity that SVPM gives him to engage with inspiring organisations and like-minded people.

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