Paula Giles

SVP Melbourne is part of a global network of committed individuals who are seeking to contribute to and improve their local community.  Through SVP I have been able to meet other like minded people, to apply my skills and experience in practical ways to build and extend social enterprises that benefit others. My participation through SVP with our investees has always been rewarding, humbling and inspiring.

Paula Giles is the founder of ‘We are Singularity’, who works at the intersection of strategy, service design, customer experience and change to assist companies achieve accelerated value. Paula has a distinguished executive and management consulting career working in large global companies and brings direct, practical experience leading and achieving sustained change and reform within complex, multi-party stakeholder environment in both corporate and government settings. Paula has experience in aviation, downstream oil and chemicals, utilities (electricity and water), transport industry sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia. Paula is the lead partner for Youth Life4Life.


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