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At SVP Melbourne, we are proud to again support Life4Life this year.  This is especially important during this time, as many young people’s lives are interrupted. If you can help please support them.  Attached is an update from them about what they are doing to adjust and change their business so they can continue to support young people’s mental health.

Here’s what Bernard said about SVPM.

“The contribution that SVP has made to Youth Live4Life has been very significant and we look forward to continuing our relationship. Please find attached the signed confirmation of payment. I have also taken the opportunity to include a letter that was distributed this morning to our Live4Life School and Community Partnership Group members. This is the second update we have provided our communities on the impact of Covid-19 on the implementation of Live4Life. I am pleased to report that each community is committed to Live4Life” Click on this link to read the letter LIIfe4Life update – COVID


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