Youthworx – A parents story

To Whom It May Concern,

We are writing this letter in support of the Youthworx Brunswick campus, which made a tremendous difference to our son Adam after he completed two Screen and Media Certificates in 2019.

Before enrolling, Adam had experienced a very tumultuous time at school over the years due to the difficulties he faced having special needs in large classrooms. This resulted in him enrolling for Distance Education due to heightened anxiety and being completely burnt out. After completing his schooling Adam was very overwhelmed about what he would do next but thankfully found Youthworx Brunswick.

When Adam commenced at the campus he absolutely thrived in the unique environment and dramatically improved his independence and mental health. All the Youthworx staff were incredibly supportive to every student, while at the same time allowances were made to assist their individualised learning styles. The small, hands-on class and mentoring provided was life changing for Adam and gave him the confidence to pursue a future in media. Even during all the uncertainty and anxiety faced with Covid last year, what really assisted him was the way Youthworx staff checked in to see how he was going and he was able to contact them when needed.

His Specialist noted how his anxiety levels have improved dramatically since being at Youthworx following his previous negative experiences. Adam has grasped the opportunities he has been given such as hosting his own seasonal community radio show (after being involved in the Youthworx radio training). He also recently got advised he was successful in getting a 4 week screen editing position with Back to Back theatre. This was all due to everything he learnt while being at campus and how comfortable he felt at Brunswick.

As parents it is very rewarding to see our son, who previously battled ongoing issues with anxiety and school refusal, enthusiastically engage with his teachers and all the staff while at Youthworx. We are extremely grateful for how perfectly he was catered for at this unique campus. We look forward to Adam continuing his successful Screen and Media future after being at Youthworx Brunswick. There is simply no other place like it in Victoria.

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