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We are a diverse group of people who bond and network together over our passion and vision about venture philanthropy and having an impact in the not for profit sector.

We are unique in our philanthropy as we are the only organisation that donates our time, treasure and talent for building capacity in the organisations we support and with each other.

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about having an impact with disadvantaged and marginalised people. We need more partners to make a greater philanthropic impact, however you would like to be involved. You can volunteer your time, skills and knowledge to strengthen the organisations we support and build their capacity, or you can support us through simply donating and be part of our journey.

We recognise that everyone has different levels of time and skills/knowledge that they can offer, which is why we offer pathways for current and potential partners. All of this is underpinned by an investment towards Social Venture Partners Melbourne and the organisations we support.

For those able to contribute time, skills and knowledge, we typically suggest you join one of our partner teams working with one of our NFPs. We match your skills, experience and passions with our partner organisations, so your investment and ours is maximised. On average, we ask that you be prepared to invest a few hours per month with our partner organisations and our Social Venture Partner Melbourne networking and development sessions.

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