Youthworx Update

Exciting news at Youthworx, as they have secured the space downstairs and are now able to expand their program, once they fit it out. They were successful in a grant to make this happen and have had support from the Landlord and Google, but they need more help to fit it out. If you know of anyone who could assist, please contact Melissa or Youthworx

Youthworx are producing a short video for SVP Melbourne, so stayed tuned. If you need any video, filming or production work done, please support Youthworx, as they are a professional production company that supports ‘at risk’ young people through training and employment. Youthworx (link)
There is excellent engagement from Youthworx management and the SVP Melbourne team — Rob Heselev (Lead Partner), Ian Adair, Kim Visek-Johnson and Ollie Lovell. There’s a real sense of excitement for the future from everyone.  If any partners would like to become involved with Youthworx please contact Rob Heselev or email   The new space that needs your help.

Youthworx Fit Out - Please help

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